Vermejo Casa Minor Renovation

Owner: Vermejo Park Ranch
Location: Raton, New Mexico


Located in northern New Mexico, Vermejo is a majestic landscape with a rich history. The mission of Vermejo Park Ranch is to connect people with nature and to conserve both the land and the diverse wildlife that inhabit it.

Surrounded by alpine prairie and rocky mountain wildlife, Vermejo is known for being ecologically sensitive to the environment. Guests can schedule conservation and eco tours to learn about sustainability at Vermejo or take a historic day tour to experience the unique character and historical landmarks on the property.

The renovation of the historic two-story Vermejo Casa Minor served to improve the guest experience. Renovations included rebuilding the historic wooden stairways and installing new doors and windows. The demolition of a small bedroom allowed for the creation of luxury suites with private baths, while a new spa and extensive landscape and patio work offer comfortable spaces to relax. Custom casework in the coffee bars on the first and second floors provide the backdrop for picturesque gathering spots.