Professional Estimating

Professional estimating is critical to the function of construction takeoffs of any project. Franken Construction’s project estimators utilize estimating software that ensures all cost estimates are clear, precise, and detailed. Our team includes experienced professionals ready to support your project at any stage of the project lifecycle.

Franken Construction works closely with architects and owners to manage project costs while addressing our client’s programmatic needs. Our skilled estimators use a transparent approach to managing project costs and present estimates in a concise format developed for consistency and uniformity to keep team members informed throughout the estimating process.

Our estimates compare a project’s requirements to previous efforts using historical data, statistical models, estimating databases, and bottom-up estimation with each task. This transparent, team-first approach focuses on the work items estimated and the monitoring of overall project decisions that may affect costs.

Value Engineering/ Pre-Construction

Through our pre-construction process, we create a project plan, design, and evaluate resources required to meet the vision of the client. Value engineering is utilized by our project team to examine each function within the project plan and its associated cost. Through an organized effort, Franken Construction analyzes building features, systems, equipment, materials and resources to compile a solution that is functional, high quality, and budget-friendly for each of our clients.

Value engineering efforts are implemented from the outset of a project. Our team strives to offer creative solutions that maximize the programmatic capabilities of a facility. From pre-fabrication of materials off-site for more efficient installation to developing early-work packages to maximize schedule efficiency, our team is dedicated to working with our clients to find innovative ways to deliver projects within budget.