Brown Hall Renovation

Owner: New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Location: Socorro, NM


Brown Hall, constructed in 1929 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989, is a historic gem located on the New Mexico Tech campus. Designed by George Williamson in the Mission Revival style with Spanish Colonial Baroque elements, it embodies the rich heritage of the area. The renovation of Brown Hall, which houses critical administrative offices, represents an exciting blend of historic preservation, innovative construction, and community engagement.

The project involved intricate field-measured custom work, adhering strictly to historical requirements. In revitalizing “Old Main” – a conference and meeting space – we uncovered and restored original sandstone walls, which were previously hidden beneath a false stucco wall. This painstaking work required close collaboration with New Mexico Tech, SHPO, and the architect, ensuring the building’s historical accuracy was maintained while protecting the project budget.

Our innovative approach was crucial in the successful integration of modern systems into this historic structure. Utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM), we meticulously mapped existing structures to ensure precise installation of new systems, like the VRF system in limited ceiling spaces. The Brown Hall renovation is a model example of how a construction project can preserve history, embrace innovation, and positively impact its community.