CNM Art Building Renovation at Ken Chappy Hall

Owner: Central New Mexico Community College
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Architect: SMPC Architects


Franken Construction worked closely with SMPC Architects and CNM during schematic design and design development to assist with constructability reviews and construction cost estimating. Site staging and safety were critical pre-construction discussions to ensure minimal disruptions to adjacent buildings, parking areas, and CNM staff working in the front areas of Ken Chappy Hall. A comprehensive construction fencing and traffic plan minimized campus disruptions while keeping students and faculty safe.

SMPC’s design for the Art Building transforms the 1977 brutalist-style building into an inspiring learning center with natural light, textured walls, and covered courtyards that blend interior and exterior transitions. Franken Construction collaborated with SMPC to understand the design intent and ensure the final project fully encompassed the school’s programming needs within the required budget and schedule. Franken Construction completed the project two months early.

The limited project budget and specialty system needs created significant challenges on this project. The Franken team cost evaluated multiple options, suggesting unique alternatives that would bring the project in budget while still delivering on the “wow factor” the client was looking for.