June 12, 2024|, Projects

New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology Wins Best Building in the $5M-$10M Category

We are honored to announce that we have been selected for Best Building in the $5M – $10M category by AGC New Mexico.

This prestigious recognition underscores our commitment to excellence in construction, historical preservation, and innovative problem-solving. The New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology project also known as Brown Hall, highlights our dedication to honoring the past while embracing the future.

Preserving Historical Integrity

Brown Hall, a landmark built in 1929 on the New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology campus, is an architectural gem designed by George Williamson. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it showcases the Mission Revival style with Spanish Colonial Baroque elements. Our renovation efforts focused on preserving this historic beauty while updating it to meet modern standards.

Innovative Construction Techniques

The renovation required intricate field-measured custom work to adhere strictly to historical guidelines. During the revitalization of “Old Main,” we uncovered and restored original sandstone walls, previously concealed behind a false stucco wall. This meticulous work, done in collaboration with New Mexico Tech, the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), and our architects, ensured the building’s historical accuracy was maintained within budget.

Integrating Modern Systems

Integrating modern systems into Brown Hall’s historic structure was a challenge we met with innovation. Using Building Information Modeling (BIM), we meticulously mapped the existing structures to install new systems, like the VRF system, in the limited ceiling spaces. Our approach ensures Brown Hall continues to serve the community while preserving its rich history.

How We Can Help

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