June 17, 2024|Company News

CABQ Hippo Pool Wins Best Building in the $2.5M Category

We are honored to announce that we have been selected for the AGC New Mexico Best Building in the under $2.5M category for our work on the CABQ Hippo Pool.

Innovative Design for Hippo Happiness

The new Hippo Pool at the Albuquerque BioPark is a special sanctuary for the Nile hippopotamuses Moe, Karen, and baby Matilda. Designed to provide a private and serene environment, this new pool is essential for Moe’s geriatric wellness care, offering him a comfortable and safe space to relax and play. Our commitment to enhancing the lives of these magnificent creatures was the driving force behind this project, ensuring they have the best possible habitat.

Advanced Life Support System (LSS)

A key component of the Hippo Pool project was the installation of a new Life Support System (LSS) and a static screen system to enhance filtration efficiency. These upgrades were crucial not only for maintaining a clean and healthy environment for the hippos but also for addressing community concerns about the sewer system. By improving the LSS, we strengthened our relationship with the surrounding neighborhood, demonstrating our dedication to both animal welfare and community well-being.

Overcoming Unique Challenges

Constructing the Hippo Pool presented several unique challenges, primarily ensuring that the hippos’ daily routines were not disrupted. Our team meticulously planned and implemented temporary structures using jersey barriers, steel posts, and plywood to block the view of construction activities from the hippos. A specialized shoring system, combining chain-link fencing and shotcrete, was employed to create a robust barrier, protecting the hippos during the excavation process. This careful planning and execution ensured that the hippos remained stress-free and could continue their routines without interruption.