July 24, 2023|, Company News

Franken Construction Sports UNM Lobo School Spirit

Here at Franken, we proudly support UNM Athletics. UNM is the alma mater for many of our team members, so it’s more than just being involved in our local community, it’s a sense of pride.

Sponsoring the Lobos means more than just flashing our company logo at a game. We’ve developed relationships within UNM Athletics over the years. And that lets us give our best construction management/project delivery services to enhance experiences for facility users.

The most recent project we completed for UNM Athletics was the New Mexico Mutual Champions Training Center. This new 11,312-square-foot facility is in the University’s Football End Zone Club but will be used by all Lobo athletic teams. It’s even big enough to allow more than one team to use it at a time.

The facility more than doubled the previous athletic performance space. The new larger space allowed UNM Athletics to replace antiqued equipment with new free weights, squat racks, benches, and a designated area for cardio. The larger facility will also let the staff use the latest technology for injury prevention and rehab.

We look forward to seeing this new facility put to good use to benefit UNM Athletics. Go Lobos!

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