February 20, 2023|Blog

Before We Build: The Importance of Planning, Preparation and Design

Before any physical labor begins on a construction project, a lot of planning and preparation go into making sure the final product matches the client’s vision, is completely functional, and stays within budget. Careful attention to detail during these phases is what distinguishes a quality general contractor and results in happy clients.


Pre-construction includes creating a project plan and design and evaluating the resources required to bring the client’s vision to reality. We begin by determining a timeline and estimating the project cost. Next, we identify any potential issues that could arise during construction. Finally, collaboration with the design team during pre-construction is critical to ensuring a successful construction project. Potential issues can be identified and resolved before construction begins which therefore can help reduce project delays and errors, resulting in improved project outcomes. Understanding a client’s vision and thoroughly assessing the project enables us to accurately determine what it will take to make it happen. That way, the client has the best information to decide whether or not to move forward.

During the design process, we use value engineering to evaluate the cost and functionality of each project piece. This allows us to provide the highest quality for the lowest cost. We also inform the client of any issues the original vision may have produced. We then offer alternate solutions for a functional, budget-friendly design that matches the client’s wants as closely as possible.

From decades of experience, we can anticipate issues that could arise during a project and suggest possible solutions beforehand. This allows us to be as accurate as possible with the projected budget. Our project estimators also use special software that ensures our estimates are easy to understand, accurate, and detailed so that clients can see every expense involved.

Careful planning ensures that the project scope fits the allotted space and that unforeseen problems are minimized. It lets us set expectations with our team before construction begins. There is never a question regarding who is responsible for what during the project. This helps us avoid time delays and budget mistakes. Clear communication keeps everyone on the same page from the start for a smoothly executed, high-quality solution that stays within the client’s budget.

Project Coordination

Once construction begins, every part of the project is closely managed to ensure work quality and scheduled timelines progress as planned. Hosting safety orientations and monitoring and controlling risks minimizes possible accidents; recurring status meetings let us track expenses, manage the schedule, and monitor the project for any necessary adjustments; and quality assurance procedures help us ensure that no corners get cut. Careful project coordination is a critical part of the process to making the final outcome match what we promised the client.

How Franken Construction Can Help

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