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  • The Evolution of New Mexico’s Skylines: Franken Construction’s Impactful Projects

    In the heart of New Mexico, where the sun paints vibrant hues across the sky, there’s a story unfolding...

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  • The Blueprint for Successful Project Management

    Effective project management serves as a cornerstone across industries, especially in construction, where safety, budgeting, and scheduling are paramount...

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  • Building the Future: Best Practices for Sustainable School Construction in Albuquerque

    In the ever-evolving realm of construction, prioritizing sustainable and eco-conscious practices has become pivotal for progress. In Albuquerque, Franken...

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  • How Franken Can Help New Mexico Communities Upgrade Their Aging Infrastructure

    Historic buildings can be a wonderful display of a community’s heritage and culture. But as they age, they often...

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  • Franken Construction Pioneers a State-of-the-Art Trades Facility

    We are thrilled to share our latest endeavor, which involves breaking ground on a cutting-edge trades facility that will...

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